4 bang on wicket keeping tips to reach to next level of keeping


Wicket keeping is not easy do, right? Specially as bowlers and batsman’s has upgrade their level so as keeper I also need some wicket keeping tips

Yes for sure wicket keeping is not easy but it is also not a difficult task to do

Well I think the time has came to update our wicket keeping skills

But wicket keeper should also focus on their batting to

How to manage wicket keeping and batting is a skill and proper balance should be there as now the trends of combo is going on so…

Every team and coach wants a keeper who can bat as well and can able to handle the tough times

As everybody talks about that you have to improve this things listed below

  • Your catching should be good
  • Your side wise should be proper
  • Should sounds like a good keeper
  • Increase your stamina
  • And what not

But today I will discuss something different from all these and focus on something new

Wicket keeping tips- increase reflexes

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This is something advance in your wicket keeping skills let’s see how?

As you and I know that there are many keepers that are doing great catches, right?


Then my question is to you that is how you are different from other keeper in catches?

Well I am good and I know that

Well this can’t be a proper answer

Okay then how I can be different and how I can improve my wicket keeping skills?

Everybody’s reacting time is different so you should increase your reflex

This will make the big impact in your keeping and if your reflex is high then it is a good sign in your keeping


  1. If you miss judge the ball then also you can manage somehow and catch the ball
  2. You can take the sharp catches easily
  3. The speed of stumping can be improved

This three things only happen when your reflex are very good so work on reflexes

“This wicket keeping tips will help you to stand out from the crowed” 

Wicket keeping tips- Be with the bowler

wicket keeping tips-wicket keeping-batsman-cricket-sports-batting

This is something called as awareness of the match that what is going on

Every keeper is different so his/her awareness level is different, right?


So every keeper is not with the match and they miss out many things like

  1. What is batsman trying to do
  2. Where is standing like deep in the crease or outside of the crease
  3. How much bounce the pitch
  4. How much turn on the pitch
  5. The big one which bowler turn or bounce is coming good from which end plus for which batsman

This five points comes with the keeper who is with the bowler on field with high awareness

“This wicket keeping tips will help you to be a team player for sure and will able to fit in the playing 11 for every match”

Be hyper active

wicket keeping tips-active-hyper active-cricket-sports-sport

As every keeper’s energy level is different too so here also you can update yourself and move to the top

I think that you would know this but still let’s find out what it is?

By being hyper what you can do?

  1. Wicket keeper is known as the alarm of the team you have make the fielder awake that no one sleeps as you have to fill some energy
  2. One of the best view you can see and place the fielder
  3. Cheering the bowler and the team will make a good impact on the bowler for sure

These three points will work only when you are hyper active

“This wicket keeping tips will help you to be the positive energy of the team in tough times too”

 Know the condition of pitch (wicket)

wicket keeping tips-pitch-wicket-cricket-sports-sport

What you think that condition of pitch only caption of the team has to check?

If you think that my friend then a big no from my side

As you are a cricketer and a wicket keeper as per role so also have to check that what it is the condition of the pitch (wicket)

Tell me that what will happen if I check the pitch simply what the difference it will make?

Good question okay let’s check it

  1. You will come to know the bounce of the pitch (good bounce or low bounce )
  2. How much turn is in the pitch

Profit of point 1  the silly mistake of standing behind the stumps(distance) can be safe from miss judge example as sometimes edge don’t carry to the keeper if you had know the bounce of the pitch

Then you may be standing one step ahead and may be your first catch of the match

Profit of point 2 chances of stumping and catching the edges bit difficult but the perfect one is can be safe from this two plus you will be safe from miss judging the bounce and save some extra runs for your team

This points will work only when you have check the condition of the pitch (wicket)

“This wicket keeping tips will help you to become a mature wicket keeper”


My views on this 4 bang on wicket keeping tips

If you really want to become a great wicket keeper then follow all the four tips

Not one or two all four for sure this will take you to the next level of your wicket keeping and

Your stander of keeping will be high but remember that all four tips has to be followed on regular basics

As all four tips is capable of making you a strong keeper with their key factors 

Do share your thoughts in the comment section down below and

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