5 Ways To Get Back Our Batting Form


Do you love to play cricket matches?

Well, a cricketer is ever ready for playing matches and especially when in such a great form, right?

In cricket it is said that “matches are the real test for any player” and we all know that how cricket has changed it shape it so for this we all know that “consistency is the key”

We don’t face any problem when we are in the form we play constant, right?

Yep! And everything is going as per our plan feels like I am the best.

But… but…but… the problem starts when our form goes down.

 Am I right?

Probably in every cricketer’s joinery, this phase comes and if you wish for it or not and that’s the reality but the problem occurs when it stays longer and in today’s time we don’t have time to stay there as we have to go long way.

So what is the solution? , How to get back our batting form? , how to convert our dark nights to shin it again?

So let’s discuss 5 ways that can change our out of form to man in form

Follow the basic

This is the most common thing that players do but here I want to upgrade this step follow the basic it is not mean that do the thing that you do when you started playing cricket.

You have to do the simple things and as it said that sometimes keeping things simple works!

  • So you don’t have to try new thing at this time because trying new things can carry on bad form
  • Just follow your basic routine

You know yourself better right?

So you know very well that these are you strong shots and these are you moderate shorts and in these shorts I am weak so do Practice all your shorts good as well as your weak shoots too but the game changer is that

  • When you enter to play a match then start your batting with your strong zone so may at stating your runs are less than the ball but you will get the idea of the pitch and bowlers and the main thing is that you will be confident that
  • You can start playing with your moderate shorts so you will unlock another area of scoring runs.
  • So now you know how to carry forward the game

So once again you have the turn the table and now you have to get back in track!

81 cricket

Mind Set

The common answer we get from others that keep your mind cool? , stay positive? Don’t think anything and so on…


But at that time this thing feels like it is not applicable it is only for saying purpose only.

So what’s the solution?

You need to focus up to your mind if you try to be focused the mind we find the reason to be focused out than how?

You need a tool and add a purpose to it so that when you look at or you think about it you remember that this thing I have to do it by that you can get your focus back.

Which tool to select?  

Well, you can select any tool but select that tool which you can take it when you go out to bat.

So once again you get your focus as well as on the track to score runs.

Start steady than taking over it

When you are in out of form you probably you try new things or you try to dominate fast without thinking or coming out of the natural style of your batting.

You are out of form but you won’t stop playing matches?

So when you play your next match make one change that is start playing run a ball it is called as start steady than take over it.

  • Playing run a ball is like not creating any pressure on you
  • Rotating strike means bowler will get less time to judge you
  • Your profit is that you will get started, an idea of a pitch, an idea of good and bad fielder so you can convert ones into two’s and an idea of the bowler
  • One situation like scoring 25runs in 25 balls is quite a good start in comparing of you bad form which was going on.

So you got the start steady no now you are ready to take over it so you came out of your bad form as this inning will give you confidence also.


What is FYM?

It is Find your mistakes! (FYM)

A good student always finds his mistakes which is made in a weekly test so that he/she can perform the best in the finals likewise a good batsman has to find his mistakes which are made in practice matches so that it can be improved and perform the best in the tours and tournament.

Find your mistake is important in order to be the best performer.

You are suffering from bad batting that means that something is there you are doing it wrong to how fast you figure out you are back in form.

For a batsman, you can figure out your analytics of batting

Take a notepad and start writing because writing in a pace of paper is get you will get the best idea about what’s going on instead of thinking.

Start writing with your scores of last 10 matches, by which short you got out, how many times you out with spinners or fast bowler, how you got out.


Now you will get the best idea what is your mistake is going on because it is in front of your eyes

Now you know the perfect key point where you have to work on and you are now ready to come back with full energy.

Take a small break

Things don’t go right then take a break but remember taking a break every time is not the solution of it but yes you can take a break for changing your pattern

Because when you are overstressed than for refreshment you need a small break to refresh up your mind so you get a positive energy back for your next work

Do what makes you happy and helps to stay focus

And as it is said a peaceful mind works great compared to stress mind.

Time for Framework

  1. Read all points
  2. You may like all the points or one or two so
  3. Find out which point is suitable for you!
  4. Follow it for a better result

Do let me know in the comment section what are your secret tips or tricks to come out from bad batting form.

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