Batting tips against spin bowling and score runs???


Sometimes batting against spin is difficult and specially in turning track their power get’s double in turning track so we need batting tips, so what you think?

Yes as spinners are updating their skills so I also want to update my skills

Playing simple is the key that everybody knows, right?

Yes I know

That’s good but then also why you get out that you know?

Just because of one lose ball and we miss time or stump out in general case

Quite a bit right

So for that your mind control is much important and knowing the current situations of the match plus how much runs scored in this over

This is the reason why we miss it any way so quickly jump into it

Batting tips – play with the spin

batting tips-batsman-playing spin-cricket-cricket match

Play with the spin, really? And what it is?

Well yes, it means that you have to play shots with the spin you don’t have to play shots against the spin

Okay but what happen by playing with the spin?

Now that’s a bang on question see let’s quickly check what happens

  1. By playing against the spin your chances for getting out decreases
  2. Easy to rotate the singles
  3. Will get to hit big shot when you are not trying to much then the bowler will though in your strong zone then you can take that shots
  4. As strike rotation will be easy so no pressure will build on you
  5. Get much control over the shots

Profit of point 1 as you play with the spin chances of miss time decrease and proper middling of shots will happen

and it will build your confidence too

Profit of point 2 picking the gap and rotate the strike it will help you to get set

and scoreboard will keep moving

Profit of point 3 well bowler has 6 balls and he needs your wicket and mostly he will take chances

and you can take the advantage of that with care

Profit of point 4 it is simple as you will rotate strike then the bowler will get less chance to read you

and figure out your weak zone

Profit of point 5 when you are playing as per merit then it is easy that your control will be good

This will work only when you will follow constantly for 4 to 5 matches then you will get a good result

Okay what if I play against the spin?

At thing that I admit that you play against the spin to pick the gap and I am not against of it

But you should know when your form is not going well then you should avoid playing against the spin

But when you are set played around 15 to 24 balls then you can play against the spin

It is because that once you have played 15 to 24 balls than you have the idea of pitch that how much bounce

and how much turn it has that is also a factor

So you can play much better right?

Yeah true!

What about the loss that is the just reverse of it as if your form is not good then you try different things and that is not good for you

So that small thing bowler takes advantage so be wise and take the decision


My views on this is that when start your innings than you can start with playing with the spin

First set your eyes on the ball and set yourself as how pitch (wicket) is behaving that will help you

And then rotate the strike as well and once you are set then you are got to go and

Play your shots and score big runs don’t miss out that as you have faced the hard time so play & enjoy

Do share your thoughts on playing with the spin in the comment section down below and

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