Top 17 batting tips that how to play shots in cricket?


In today’s cricket if we have batting tips it is double when you know how to play shots in cricket match

As cricket competition is growing year by year, right?

100% yes, so what we can do?

Well we are becoming smart too so we can crack this as well just have to take the right decision at right time 

That the key factor in cricket now a day’s how smart decision you take on field and off the field

Today we will discuss 17 batting tips that will change the batting attitude that how to play shots in match

Batting tips

Let’s begin

  1. Play your natural game : this is the most common but still it is the effective for any batsman and every batsman


  • Don’t change your natural style
  • your success ratio will be high in your natural style
  • key is understand your own game


  1. Be clam don’t be hyper : control your emotions when you are batting in match


  • Don’t be hyper that I will hit every ball as fielding team wants that you lose your control


  1. Strike rotation : this is most effective and if you are good at rotating strike than let me tell you that fielding team don’t like that
  • If you good at Strike rotation than you will not be in pressure
  • Fielding team don’t like that easy single you are taking so for them it is hard to build pressure
  • It will help you to play long innings


  1. Leave the balls : don’t try to hit every ball


  • Do give respect to good balls
  • Understand that the bowler who is bowling you that players has also done the practice
  • The bowler also can do three – four good so respect


  1. Be alert and check : cricket is a mind game so always be alert and check what bowler is trying to do


  • Understand the game plane of bowler
  • you can only know when you are physically and mental on ground


  1. Check the pitch (wicket) : you should know which type of wicket is this as everyday is a new day in cricket


  • Bouncy , grassy , cracks or any other so figure out
  • And change the game according to it


  1. Find the weak fielder in the field : In many teams there are one or two weak fielders

And as you know in tennis cricket it is seen more but season ball cricket too


  • As you play you will come to know which is weak fielder
  • By getting it you can convert your once into twos


  1. Hit the loose ball : you have to hit the loose as you can’t play too safe


  • You have looks for runs as you will hit four or six on loose ball plus you are rotating strike than it will be your game
  • When you will hit than it will be more easy to rotate strike


  1. Find your bowler : decide which bowler you will target for big runs


  • You should know in your mind that how many over’s left of which bowler
  • That will help you to control the run rate


  1. Be set then play hard : first thing to do when you go to bat that is set yourself


  • First set , take some time to check everything than play hard


  1. Don’t throw your wicket : no one likes when they got out but see once you are set than

You can’t throw your wicket by playing loose shorts


  • Don’t be lazy or playing loose short this is not a sign of good player


  1. Convert start into big score : converting 50’s into 100’s that is the good sign of a player how hungry he is


  • Once you have made 30 to 50 runs than go for big runs


  1. Decision making : double mind always drop you sooner or latter


  • Think twice before taking the decision what to do now because you have to see what situation is going on


  1. Stay away from sledging : you may face the sledging fielding teams want you to answer him


  • There you can’t be aggressive there then you may got out
  • If you want to answer him the score runs make a win for the team that will be the answer


  1. Don’t be lazy in running between the wickets : yes when everything is going as per your plan than its happen


  • Be hungry for your runs and you have run for your non strikers
  • Ones into two’s that should be your goal


  1. Don’t change your expression : when the bowl hit you if it is normal than don’t change your expression because if you should that than big chance is that next ball will come there

And if it is more than retired hut and sit outside of the field that’s the better for you

  1. Be fearless plus hungry : play fearless and show your hunger


  • If you play fearless than its good but still add talent of understanding the match situation going than you are the dangerous player


My views on these batting tips see these tips you may know or even some new tips you got it

But see if you know then also why you are not getting success, right?

It is because when you go to bat and play two three balls you simply forgot all this thing and the result is same

So be smart and start practicing this thing too because cricket is a skill base and mantel base both

Do share your batting tips in the comment section down below

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