Batting Trick For Professional Cricket & Tennis Cricket With Instant Result!!!


Professional cricket and tennis cricket both are different in their own with a unique style of playing, right?

Well Yes!

But the main thing is that now we want to update ourselves 10times faster so that we can go ahead of our competitor with new tricks to play better cricket let we called as Morden day cricket

The word called “Tricks” is like an idea to be applied for a better result

 But do you really know the tricks don’t work for us?

Quite a good question to think of it!!

It can be any particular reason but let’s talk in general what actually happens

We get some or the other reason so that we unable to follow the trick regularly or time to time, right?

Usually, this happens the gap is created and the trick doesn’t work


“Today we will learn a new trick and the big surprise is we will get the instant result”  


And this can be used for both professional cricket and also in tennis cricket

  • So let’s see what it is?
  • A difference in doing it and not doing it?
  • Which problem is solved by using it?
  • When to use?
  • What equipments are required?
  • How to do?
  • When we get the result?

Let’s start

What is it brief information?

Do we love our cricket bat which we play from right?

So basically what happens that we feel our bat is heavy so what to do?

Although maybe our bat weight is perfect for us,

“But what if that same bat which we play from feels lightly weighted”

Then we can play even better

Let give you an example in a high pressure match when you are chasing the score and you go to bat when the depth over is going on and you know that slower one and York length ball will come at that time you may feel your bat is little bit heavy so in that situations it can be helpful plus while facing the new ball it can be more helpful

Is it possible?

Yes well, today everything is possible even without cutting our bat!

It will reduce our bat weight we feel that our bat is so light and it can increase the bat swing for some time but it will boost us and till then we got the start which we wanted than now we can take off our innings.

A difference in following the trick and not following it?

  1. If you follow your bat feels lightly weighted if not then it is difficult some time that we have discussed how it can be difficult.
  2. If you follow it gives you instant result if not then your competitor will do it
  3. The things are changing fast so we need to update our skills

“I strongly believe that we must update ourselves and need to figure out which thing is working for us because everyone is unique with unique style so we don’t know which trick will work for whom so we must try it before leaving it”

Which problem is solved by using it?

Simply tell you in one line that the problem of cutting the bat for the weight or shape or even for the size is now no need to cut it as we know that the size of the bat is perfect for us.

When to use?

Now it comes to when we have to use it

You have to use before your bating is about to come near too three or four minutes before your betting and that will be the perfect time do it as it will not take much to do it.

What equipments are required?

For this, you need simply two cricket bats

But which to 2 bats are required?

The first bat is that which you use to play matches and the second bat should be more weighted than the first bat or it can be the same weight as of the first bat

This is the key factor of this trick without this it will not work

How to do?

Now you the 2 bats which are required

The first step you have to hold the bat as per shown in the picture


Now grip it tight

Step two you have to make V shape non-stop 25-30 times with normal constant speed

And remember one thing when the bat goes down then also you have to carry the weight it is not the relaxing time if once you relax before 25-30 times then it will not work

When will we get the result?

This trick is loved by every cricketer because it works instantly

When you complete making V shape 25-30 times without stopping

Then now you check it hold the bat which you use to play matches and swing it in an air or play one ball to check it

See the difference instantly

Now time to enjoy the trick! 

Time for framework

  1. Take 2 bats, the first bat which you use to play matches and the second one should be heavy than fist bat
  2. Make v shape for 25-30 time without stopping and without taking rest when it comes down
  3. Done now hold the bat which you play matches and swing it in the air or play one ball and see the difference

Enjoy it share you’re thought about this in the comment section down below

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