Top 4 bowling tips to be master of wicket taker!!!


Bowling tips in today’s cricket is must what you think?

Are you a good bowler but you don’t get wickets in most of your matches?   

Yes and yes …

As you know that batsman has upgraded their game plus new shots that creates the problem for the bowlers

Well it is not that’s it the format and the pitches and ground are also a factor and that also makes the problem just doubled what you say?

That’s okay but what to do now!

That is the question of the day today

So let’s solve the unsolved question and way to become the master of wicket taker by simply applying these bowling tips

Bowling tips – control over the ball

control-bowling tips-cricket

This is the most important for any and every to have control over the ball

Okay what do you mean by control over the ball?

 It means that you should have that much control over the ball as if you bowl even with close eyes than also you know that it will be a perfect yorker

Simply it means that where are you want to pitch the ball that you can do it at any time plus even with any stage  

Let me tell you that this skill is considered as one of the best for the bowling

How this bowling tip called as control over the ball can help you?

See if you know the batsman weak zone than you have to attack on his/her weak zone right?

But what if you are bowling only 1 or 2 ball in his/her weak zone and rest of the over you are giving runs

Then you can’t able to build pressure over the batsman, and the batsman will play that 2 balls carefully and rest 4 balls he/she will hit you hard

As every bowler is different and if you ask me jay which type of bowling skills you have?

Well let me tell you that I don’t have much pace even less swing but my strong point is control over the ball I have control that where I want to pitch the ball I can do it easily

Just following my strength and that is working for me

By this bowling tip you can improve your line length and hitting the spot well and you bowling will increase by minimum 35%

Variations is the key

keys-bowling tips-cricket

Variations are the key really?

Well yes for before 2 years and even till today it is the key for sure

The mixture of your speed will be formula to beat the batsman and if you are smart enough

Than it is not a problem for you to take the wicket

Okay but why smartly?

See if you are doing variations in every ball than it can be good and sometimes it is bad

So let’s see why good?

Good because if batsman is hitting the ball every time than it can favor you

As the chances of miss time the ball increases to that can be good for you

Now why bad?

As batsman will know that you are changing the speed in every ball so he/she will be active in every ball

So he is active then the chance decreases for you to get him/her out because there will not be any surprise for batsman so….

By this bowling tip you can learn, understand and use it smartly and this will be a game changer you

Check the pitch

pitch-wicket-stumps-bowling tips-cricket ground

It is not that only caption has to check the pitch, right?

Okay leave that as you are a bowler than you should also check the pitch how it is

It is will be suitable for you or not, how the wicket will play in latter part of the match

Rest you know so you can adjust that which line and length to bowl

This bowling tip is bit tricky but use the basic knowledge and see the change

Be thought full –most dangerous

thought-bowling tips-cricket-idea-cricket tips

If you ask me jay tell me who is the most dangerous bowler?

“My answer is the bowler who thinks, who reads you and set field accordingly and taking your wicket is a sweet game for him”

Even swing bowler or seam or any other everyone will not create a fear in batsman’s mind


It is because the bowler who thinks he will hit the hardest length for you and the best part is as per current match and you will not be able to score him

But if swing or seam or any other bowler can be dangerous so what about this?

Yes I agree but if in that match there is a lucky day then only otherwise it is not so

Because first I agree that 1 or 2 balls can be good but they will give chances to the batsman to score runs and that’s release the pressure

What other factors that how the thinker can be dangerous?

He is always ready to make plans and he knows well how to execute it

And maximum times he will take your wicket

And that bowler can be suitable in all the conditions

So how you can become like that type of bowler just practice and it is just the understanding of the small-small things and knows what to do, how to use the pitch, hitting the hard length, setting the field and etc…

Yes doing the small-small things right and that impact will be simply awesome and this is the most recommended bowling tip


My views on all these bowling tips this may look odd to you or okay got it

But change this okay if you have come here after reading the whole article then you is serious about it that’s good

Just apply these bowling tips it will take you to the next level of you bowling and will boost your performance in matches

Do share your secret tips to boost our bowling and tell me which tip you are going to work on it

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