Cricket batting tips to Improve your batting


Cricket batting tips a most searched question, right?

Yes for sure in modern days we have to improve our game fast

Well I will also agree with you cricket is keep changing and

Today we will discuss about batting tips

Cricket batting tips

As cricket is improving and being more difficult like the competition increasing and our own pressure is there, right?

Yes, competition is going high

In this modern day’s time we have to do smart work and hard work both

As you know now combo pack trend is going on, what you say?

Because as we know the to tackle the competition of batting you have be ready switch yourself

And I think that you don’t have time to waste or take more time to improve in this day’s slow growth we don’t like and to compete with this flow will be tough

So here the term quality and quantity comes into play how to use this two that will make you or break you

Okay now let’s discuss the cricket batting tips to improve your batting

Start steady than take over it- smart tip

Here its means that play run a ball just play with strike rate of 100

You don’t have to take pressure on you if you play 4 or 5 dot ball more than also you can manage to score run a ball

batsman-cricket batting tips-batting tips-cricket

Let’s see what happen when we start steady than take over it

  • First thing will happen that there will not be any kind of pressure on team or even for non striker
  • Second thing is scoreboard will keep moving
  • Third will be that you will get the better of pitch
  • Fourth will come to know what bowlers are doing and which bowlers are trying
  • Fifth see when you have played 20 to 25 balls then probably you would score 18 to 25 run

Once you have sore about 25 runs then you would have been set than you can take over you innings are have a chance to score big runs

And as “in cricket it is said that the best view to see the match is non strikers end”

By this batting tip will make a good change in you like you can perform

  • Consistent
  • Chance to score big runs
  • This change can make an impact on your game

You should make your own analytics-rare players do so best chance

Why I am telling that rare players do but best chance?

analytics-cricket batting tips-batting tips-cricket

See this thing take time to make analysis but there is a strong chance to update your game

In this time you have to update your own style to manage your game this will show that how you really care about your game

And best chance why?

As many player don’t do so if you do than you will directly come forward of other players

Okay now see what is to do if you are a bowler or batsman

You have to sit and do your match analysis of proper and in detail

Figure out each and every thing of your batting and put it in a piece of paper

See as players who is playing in school or college for U 14 to U 19 for that this will make a big impact on their game so

How to do our own analysis of batting and bowling 

By this cricket batting tips it what change will come that will be a huge of any young cricketer and in this I strongly believe in these

After your practice get’s over ask 2 questions

think-question-cricket batting tips-batting tips-cricket

If you are going in coaching than ask this 2 questions to your coach for sure each day and every day

1. Coach what was my today’s mistake?

2. How was my today’s performance in practice?

Why these two questions?

See one thing is common in this question and that is “today” fully focused on today and make sure you note down and analysis it

Then you will come to know on what and where to focus on

And that will keep you on the correct track of success

By this which is can called as cricket batting tips looks small but this will be a game changer for you


My views on this all three cricket batting tips are a game changer in itself but remember one thing

That is before you quite give a try on every or any of this batting tips because you we never know what can be clicked

And if I have to choose which I should try than I first start with finding my mistakes first than I would do is asking question to coach and lastly playing run a ball

Like this I would I have start so yeah do try it any one of this and do follow it for 30 days and see the change in you

Hey tell me your secret tip for batting in the comment section down below and

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