Cricket bowling types that how spinners can update their bowling style


Cricket is known as batsman’s game but today bowlers need the cricket bowling types of variations and today it is evenly balanced, right?

Do you know that in present time variations in your bowling style can be the wicket taking machine?

Probably yes!

If you are a spinner or a fast bowler the most important thing is you have to take wickets, right?

Yeah, for sure

So here the question comes in mind that what I can do to take wickets in maximum matches?

I have the answer for this one is simply variations is the key now in the present days can say that it is going trending

Well cricket bowling types there are new and different things are added and reached to their next level of bowling

So today we will discuss the solution for the spin bowling

Cricket bowling types for spin bowling

If you are spin bowler then how can you trap the batsman?

Well in above I just said about the variations right so we will trap with it

Cricket bowling types that is realizing the ball

Method NO 1

Do variations in your cricket bowling types of action

That means the time of realizing the ball

You can do changes there and that variations is difficult for the batsman to read

As you are doing the variations in every ball then if he is in hurry to smash a big shot then it will be your wicket


Well if he is reading your hand then he may miss read you as changing the realizing

As he/she will not able to predict you

So the new addition in your cricket bowling types of action

How to use crease in today’s cricket

Method NO 2

Here you can use the crease in your bowling style in cricket

How I can use it?

  • You can bowl by going wide of the crease
  • secondly you can bowl by being close to the stumps
  • even you can bowl by one or half yard back

As you bowl from wide off the crease the bowl will come with an angle and that angle can be difficult for the batsman

when you bowl by being close to the stumps the problem can be come to judge the pace of the ball

and even you bowl by one or half yard back then if he is hitting you or trying do so then he can do the mistake in miss time the ball

This bowling style will take you to the next level of your bowling and be smart

Changing the speed & flight

Method NO 3

Oh! This method you would be knowing for sure and would be doing it in matches too and

That is variations in your speed and flight of bowling

Well this is working for you or not?

If yes then it’s good but if not then you are doing something wrong

So what could be?

If it is not working for you then it might be something wrong in making the decision

Things to know when you are changing the speed

  • Pitch it is slow pitch or fast pitch
  • The most important is batsman for him I should need to make the change?

As per pitch you will come to know that at what speed you should bowl to take the batsman into your trap

The most important is the batsman, right?

Well if the batsman is not comfortable with your slower once or fast ball then carry on with it there is no need to change the speed

Sometime over doing is dangerous so be wise in that

So this cricket bowling types of changes will 100% take you to your next level of your bowling style?

Now it is up to you that how smartly you use this spin bowling tips in your bowling style that will make you smart bowler  


Okay let’s conclude all cricket bowling types and methods for spin bowling

As we have discussed above methods that all three are great methods and I am sure one of that bowling style you would be using

But here the other two methods you should take that in consideration too

As the combination can increase your spin bowling by 65%

How smart bowler spin bowler you are that will be known by?

  • How smartly you make the combination
  • And when you use it

These two points you should kept in mind as numbers of bowling may be knowing this but

How and when they use that is the thing

Do tell me which bowling method you like the most and which one are going to follow tell in the comment section down below

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