Quick Cricket drills for batting


If I ask you, Do players need cricket drills batting for practice cricket drills batting?

and tell me what is the most important thing for any batsman?

Than you would answer that to understand our own batting style and improve accordingly

Very true

But here the main question is that if you are a local player

than it is possible to improve your batting skills

so is there any type of cricket drills batting so batsman can improve it fast

But here one more thing is to be understand that see if we talk about international players

than they have the video analysis of their batting or bowling

Even if they want to see video of particular match of particular ball

So for us it is possible and in how many ways we can?

 100% I will say yes! It is possible

Well there are many ways but I will focus on these two,

one is the video analysis and second is mirror drill

At first video analysis is the one of the best and you also can do that by making your

own videos of batting with your mobile camera

But in the video analysis you can’t see your live preview, you play and then afterwards you can and infect that is video analysis

So how you can do it in a proper that we will see it in other time and

today let’s find out how to improve my batting with mirror drill

Cricket drills Batting

The most asked question is how to improve my batting? Or how to improve technique of batting, Right?

Well I guess yes, and tell me the cricket drills batting by that

I can apply and I can score runs

So let’s jump into it and that is mirror drill

  1. For which players this drill is profitable: it is for the beginners, secondly for
  2. who are facing any kind of problem in there technique and lastly for those who
  3. want to see and check there technique of batting like how they play

Let me tell you one example of it

Usually what happen in cricket academy

Me: As we playing shots in nets we seems that a good short by me

But here is the real fact!

Coach: calls and say what are you playing? , the stance is not proper? Or it is to wide leave the ball or the bat is not coming straight? Etc endless questions can be

But here is the thing is that I can’t see the live preview of my bat swing or stance

And in this mirror drill you can see your live preview of your batting stance bat swing too

How to do the mirror drill

Step one: stand in front of your mirror with you bat

standing-batting position-batting stance-cricket drills batting

Step two: take your stance of batting and see into the mirror and

check how my body posture, leg position is or how much I am

bending or head position and back lift etc

head position-bending-batting stance-elbow-bat wing-bat pad gap-batsman-cricket drills batting

Step three: now you can play back foot defence, front foot defence and

drives too and here now you can check it live through the mirror and

do your proper small detailed analysis of your batting like how many bat coming,

bat phase, final position, our front foot slide and head position etc….

Important points for cricket drills batting in practice

And now I have told you these are the steps but

now it is totally upon you is how you take this and you can do some modification

to like do some marks ( spot ) or lines to make it much more

advance that is upon you think and apply

Okay now you know that how to do it and this looks easy and quite simple but

when you will do this personally than you will feel it and realize what it is

Now you might have some questions like

This cricket drill batting so as a batsman we have to do this with only

bat or with gloves or even have to wear full kit

And how much time or many times we have to do it

So these two questions answer depends on you see if you feel the

comfort with you gloves on or with full kit do it that way

And the time or times in this part I simply don’t know how much

time you needed so practice and master it

and for times you that your own specification matter’s the most


My views on it is this looks simple drill but when you do it then you realize the things better

and the best of it is we can do it any time which suite of time table

plus we can analysis it live that makes this batting drill a different one

and big possibility to improve our batting

So make it a try and as “it is said success comes by doing the small thing right” 

Time for frame work

  1. Follow the three steps
  2. Do remember the questions answer
  3. Observe it carefully when you are doing the drill

So tell me your secret tips to improve your batting

and also let me know what you think of this drill in the comment section down below

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