Cricket in Monsoon Season What and Where to Focus?


Monsoon season is a non-likable season for every cricketer because in this season they can’t play many matches and attempt outdoor practice session, especially in India due to rain.

But in overseas then can practice and be in the touch why?

They have the indoor set-up of nets for practice so they can be in touch

But the monsoon season that period of time can be used to refresh with an update

How to do that?

Solve this and things to follow in this season for our better performance

So let’s begin

Time to be fit

The most common thing that everyone suggests that do fitness, right?

Yes, true we can’t be unseen

Here you have to focus more on your fitness and a little bit less on the skill side

It is the best time to do fitness as you will get less chance to do on-field practice session due to rain so why not to invest time in a fitness

For every cricketer how important is to be fit

So No1 is a fitness

Set-up your mindset

Fitness is common but here setting your mind is new

This can be a good time to use it here you do FYM

Find out your mistakes which had happed and in which area you want to improve


And when you will do the fym you will know your perfect mistakes and now you will have chance to improve the weak area

And the best part of Fym is that you will get the result like which was on paper and everybody seen it in the matches

So No 2 does FYM

Time to be stressed out

Time to relax just take a break

Spend some time in gym rest of time you can do just relax yourself

Break from cricket and live it fullest

Because taking a break will clear your thoughts and you can play with more energy

So No 3 is just relax

 It concludes!

81 cricket, monsoon cricket

External session and external reason now will not decide what to do just its on us how we make our own way in a single line “my plans and in my way”

Time for framework

  • Find only one reason do your work that’s enough
  • Do fitness
  • Mindset
  • Be relax

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