Cricket Players Should Play Chess or Not?


It is a mystery question that cricket and chess both are mind games so should it makes any profit from playing chess

Let me ask you two questions

First question

Okay, tell me what do you believe that if your awareness level and concentration power is at max level then you can do your work faster plus easily?

Well it is not rocket science so 100% yes we can do our work faster and easily

Second question

Okay so we know it is good to have our awareness and concentration level at max level so now the main question is

How to increase the concentration of power?

So chess is that



See chess is the game in which our both the brains that means our left brain and right brains both works in that game

It is quite unique so the effect of this game is much more then you think  


Let me share you one intrusting fact

When do we ask other people that I want to increase the concentration and awareness level so what I have to do?

And the answer we get is do yoga or meditation or pranayama, right?


So if we start doing this that is not a problem but we are unable to continue for a longer period of time right?

Yes and that the problem and we don’t get the result


When we are playing at that time we don’t have to force our mind to concentration it is automatically we concentration on that, and I am sure that you will agree to it

So you yourself check the difference and if the concentration

My Experience with chess

Why do I believe in chess so much?

Well earlier I was playing chess just for fun and treating as a normal game as other see to it

But a few months back I got to know that chess is a game in which our both the brains means left and right brains work so I thought that let me do an experiment

I took a one month challenge that every day I will play chess for 1 hour after I will finish my whole day work

When the first week gets over I got the slight very small difference in me that I can neglect but I stick to it

And after the second week I got little more difference in me then the first week then I got the energy that it is working but still not sure it is true or I am hyperactive or what else

Then at the end of the third week, I got much more difference in me then first two weeks and I was so happy that yes now my concentration power is high

So I was in air and thought that now I don’t need to play anymore I am the champion but I was wrong when left playing chess slowly the concentration power decreased and came back to normal life

And few days I thought what had happened to me that at one night I try to analysis that what was wrong – what was wrong- what was wrong and then I got that after leaving chess this happened

What was the change in me?

The change can be small for you but it was a changer for me and that are two changes

  • first is I use to forget the small-small things
  • I was unable to concentrate on one work at a time mind was running here and there

And remember one thing that is don’t play chess in PC or mobile just play the board game with your friends or your loved ones

How to find the change in you

We are master in observing and in analysis others

That he is good at this and he is not good at this

We judge everybody fast so

If you are your best friend and if you are good at reading yourself plus you have some patience then only you will find what changes have come in your daily life

It concludes!

Sports is the best teacher in the world but the way you see the things that make the difference between your vision and your way

Time for framework

  • First, complete your daily work
  • Play chess try the one month challenge
  • Play in board chess don’t play in mobile or PC or tablet
  • 1hour is more than enough
  • And at that time don’t think of anything else just play chess and enjoy it

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