Cricket Tips: How To Convert Feedback Into Game Changer


In this series of guiding me out of the box, you know that we share small tips and tricks

And does and don’t

So today we will talk we will discuss a DO which you should follow it?

And by the end of this blog, you will know that you should follow it or not

So let’s start

Well usually you are going to a cricket academy for practice, right?


Then usually what you do there in nets when you are doing batting or bowing

You ask questions to your coach that

The coach that short was okay?

Am I playing okay?

And sometimes coach says you to

You are playing outside of the of stump it’s too much out leave that ball

As a result, you get feedback

It is good if you ask the question on the sport so keep doing that don’t stop

What is our DO?

But…but…but… while this is not our DO

See your practice time is over then what you have to do?

You have to go and ASK two questions and what are they?

1. How was my performance of today?
2. Today what was my mistake?

Well if you have noticed one thing that I am talking about today’s mistakes, not about past
two days or one month before.

Focus on today is the key

Okay, Jay tell me what will happen by asking this questions?

See its quite simple a businessman will understand it faster because here you will get
everyday feedback and

“As much feedback you have that much chances you have to improve your game”

And another question what if I ask you if I ask a question to my friend and not to the coach

Then maybe your friend feedback is right but the difference is that what your friend will
relate with?

He will see that you have played cover drive and he see yeah I also play like this so you are
going good

Because your friend will think like a player and coach will also see that what is correct for
you where you are comfortable and much more things.

So you know that which questions and whom should ask questions

Two type of players?

Let’s take an example

If it nets you don’t ask questions to coach but if coach gave you the instructions without
asking then what happens?

Coach gave advice or instructions to “Player A”

And player A reacted like he is overthinking form now so what will happen

After every ball, he will think twice!

That it was correct?

Did I play it perfectly?

Was okay or not?

So here the Player A is confused, right?

Now about “Player B”

Now coach gave advice or instructions to “Player B”

Hey, buddy, you are playing the ball as it is way out of outside the off stump so leave that ball

And Player B hears it carefully and taken as a good feedback then Player B himself has first
check it and starts taking care of it.

So here you have seen both the situations, right?

If you are player B then it’s no problem but if you are player A then don’t worry play as per
your game don’t take pressure but follow the DO and in few months you will be converted
to player A

An Intrusting thing to share

An Example

Well I have written 10 articles of guide me out of the box means small tips and tricks and do’s
and don’t

And 2 out of 10 you just not followed you through this two I don’t think it is good or it will
work and can be any reason

So now you have 8 left okay I suppose all 8 you followed

And I am saying following that doesn’t mean that follow for 1 day then nothing will happen
so at least follow for 7 days

And may you get the result in 1 or 2 of the tricks so stick to it and follow more and more 7 days
and see what is happing and it is set for you then be ready for great results

And one more important thing it is not like that in which you have got the result that tips
your friend followed and he also will get the result he may get or may not be so why?

I think that every player is unique with unique style so now you got it

It concludes!

So now you can give me feedback as many feedback I will get that much chances I have to
Improve me and can write more beautiful articles likewise as many questions you will
ask that much feedback you will have to improve yourself.

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