How Cricketer Can Make Their Own Analytics & A New Guide For Cricketer??


How cricketer can make their own analytics & a new guide for cricketer??

Analytics in cricket?

Do we need analytics?

Well if a businessman is using analytics to check the response of his work

By this, he can check all the work data and he gets the clear idea where he has to work so the speed of improving is increased and can get the better result.

So today we will solve some of these questions listed below:-

  1. Why do we need analytics?
  2. If you are facing problem in scoring runs in a match?
  3. How to find our mistakes? (Fym)
  4. How to make analytics?
  5. How much difference can it make in our performance?

So let’s start!

Why do we need analytics?

First of all the why should be clear in our mind that why we want to do it

Because if the why is not clear that we can’t follow it for the longest time and a single downfall can make our balance unstable and for that, we don’t have time for, right?

Yes! If we spent time in downfall than when we will improve

And today’s cricket is called as Morden day cricket and if you ask me why?

Then I will say as cricket has changed in few years so we also want to develop our signature strength that can stand out from the crowd, right?

So we need to do something that no one is doing then we can develop our signature strength

 so you knew now that you have to something different but it should be meaning full you can say that have to do smart work.

And you just think a bit that if you have your analytics so now you have the chance to update your own game not of others talking about your own game because only you and only can understand and improve your skills the outsiders just can guide the way

So I think now you are why? Is clear that have to make your analytics or not!

If you are facing problem in scoring runs in matches?

If you are a batsman than you are only looking for runs, right?

No questions but it 100% yes and not only runs infect big runs

See one intrusting point to share is when we are in good form there is no problem in scoring runs everything is going as we want it had to be

But… but… but…

The problem started when our bad form starts than what you do?

Once, twice, thrice you try to solve it on your own but mostly result is not in our favor than you go to your coach.

But coach’s main focus is on, to make you more technical sounds batsman and if you facing problem in play some of the other short than they can help you to solve it

And about a match, they simply guide you what you have to do but then also we are in double mind what is correct.

And coaches are totally correct in their places they know what is better for you but I say in today’s time if we don’t take a stand than nothing will change and what has happened till now it will keep happing

So decide it now what to do, want to take a stand and invest your time such a way that it pays you and the combination of hard work and smart works always pays you well

How to find our mistakes? (fym)

Finding our mistake is a skill

We can make our analytics to find it out what is our mistake

So we have to invest our time not only in practicing in nets but outside the field also as everyone is unique with unique style and skills

And everyone is not making their analytics because some people want to do something like this but they don’t know and some people don’t have belief in this and them

So you are not getting result for that you have to believe in you and see the positive and negative side of your analytics and I know you are expert in observing other but

If you are good at reading yourself than no one can stop you to reach where you want too

How to make our own analytics?

  1. Take a notepad and make a table as shown in the image
  2. Write your last 10 matches score
  3. Write how you got out means run out, caught out like that
  4. Write by which short you got out
  5. Write who got you out spinners or fast bowler

6.write about your start it means how you had started in last 10 matches so let say you have decided that at starting a level I will totally try to dominate opponent or you set as first I will leave some balls will take a time or you may be nervures so write it down.

Now the table for bowlers

  1. Write how many wickets you got in last 10 matches
  2. write about the pitch it was suitable for you means you got your favorable pitch like if you are fast bowler than you got the bowing pitch or batting pitch or spin track so note it down
  3. Line length so write in that particular matches where you have bowled the most means York line, good length or shot of good length shot pitch line
  4. Write about which sport you have hit the most in that match
  5. Write how many runs you have given extra

A common thing for both tables

  1. Write the perfect details which has happened in the match than only it will work
  2. you can add the menu as much as you want means how to get out, spin/pace, which short you got out likewise see how much you will add that much perfect result you will get it
  3. If you are all-rounder than when you make a table for batsman think like the batsman and same for the bowler too

Fill in the correct details

How much difference can it make in our performance?

When you have to make the table with full details filled than you see that what has happened in last 10 matches

So by analyzing the data and now it will make the difference because till now it was only in your mind now it is in front of your eyes

So start figuring out where to improve and which were the mistakes made the most so now you have the perfect dot that was to go

So gradually you will get the result if you have worked properly and apply it.

Time for Framework

  1. First, understand the full concept
  2. Make your analytics and figure out the mistakes you made the most
  3. Start working on the mistake
  4. Enjoy the change

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