How to Crack the Field?


Hello friends, today I want to say something about how to apply your mind and get success in batting. Batting is not just skill, but to get more and more runs is mind skill, and this skill depends on your mind. So always be cool and use your mind for hunger for runs.

If a cricketer plays smartly, means use both power and mind and then defiantly he will success. For a batsman, it’s most applicable. If opposite caption is mentally strong then he has the plan to trap for every batsman of opposite team, he knows every weak point of the batsman, and so he has a definite plan. He arranges particular fielding, suitable to his bowling attacks. In this situation, most of the batsman captured in a trap.

Now if a batsman wants to succeed, then he wants to escape from this trap. To escape from the trap, the batsman should crack the fielding. Now the question is how to crack the fielding?

The answer is, understand the bowling attacks with the field, as for example, if bowling attacks are short pitch and on leg stump and fielding is on leg sideways. You should not use pull or hook or leg glance, or off drive. If you do this, and if any minor mistake was done by you, the catches possibility is highest, so wickets chance is maximum. At that time if you not crack fielding you must not get a high score. Because if you play defense then the scoreboard will stop. and at this situation, psychological pressures applied on you and you cannot play your natural game and you failed. So without cracking fielding, you should not a success.

There are so many technics to crack the field, and I want to show you all this step by step.

First of all, to crack fielding you should have some non-technical shots, practices for highly movement, means go forward, backward, and side down on both side right and left. Second, you should have power. For above situation, you should play by side up, read bowler, and as he releases the ball come down, means open leg stump and hit the ball on offside, the shot is technical or non-technical, doesn’t matter. If the batsman makes the leg side ball as offside and hits at offside, the opposite captain confused and he must change his plan, and his fielding cracked, this is the simple example, there are many techniques to crack the fielding,

Let’s discuss some tips for crack the field.

  1. Read the mind of the opposed caption.
  2. Understand the strategy he applied to you.
  3. Find out the mistake he has done.
  4. Do all things one by one which he is unable to understand.
  5. Make a strategy, to overcome his planning.
  6. Use uneven things, such as change stance, change a selection of shots, use non-technical shots.
  7. Remember attack is always better than defense, so attack, never does defensive work.

Let’s discuss some detail

When you know your weakness you think that if this is known, the opposition caption also knew this and if due to this, the trap is arranged. Then to crack this, you should do such behavior as you have no problem with this arrangement, and you can play even easier. Then do some hits which are unexpected by opposition caption, and he has no option without change the field.

understand the opposition caption‘s strategy is most important to crack it, wherever you not to understand the opposition strategy you cannot crack it. So first understand it. Keep your mind alert and try to understand what he wants to do for your wicket.

Each and every person can so some mistake, here find out the mistake of caption, bowler or fielder. Use it, and change their mistake as your profit.

Do something unusual, means unusual playing, such as if you mostly play with technical shots, and the opposition caption knows this thing very well, then start playing with non-technical shots. If your natural shots are low-power, classical shot then use the non-technical power hitting a shot.

When you do this, the opponent caption not understands what happened, because what he believes for you is not done and the situation arises is not under stable for he. And when he understands your plan the time collapsed, and he confused to do something. And during this time you should attack his mind and his game.

Here only one situation I discussed, next time I will discuss more situation, in which I will explain what should do in this situation?

It concludes

Overall as the thought process of a bowler and as per feeding the run-scoring strategy changes

Time for framework!

  • be calm
  • see what the bowler is trying to do even when you are at non-striker’s end
  • play according to it and playing with bowlers mind is a skill

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