How to Get Wicket of Hard Hitter?


Are hitter is a dangerous batsman?

Hitters are a dangerous batsman that always tries to dominate bowlers well they come with the licenses to hit and go for big hits.

First of all, understand the mindset of hard hitter they come without the fear of his wicket so they are fearless

And as a bowler, once he got punished then his line length is disturbed and the process of thinking is almost gone so the hitter gets more advantage

How to get the hard hitter out?

So what the secret?

Well using your mind wisely is the secret

As a bowler, it is not important that how you get him out by bold or catch out or LBW or caught and bold or catch in slips or edge goes to keeper’s hands

The important thing is to get him out as early as possible

So what to do?

Well every batsman has his plus and minus so how quickly you find it out and get him out

Variation is the key to out hard hitter


Also, many things depend and come in play which we generally miss out

  • Our strength
  • Condition
  • Ground data
  • Pitch

Our strength

The key thing to focus on is our own strength because matters in the game hey common I am talking about your strength, not about your teammate bowler

Because only you know your strength better so applying your strength is always been profitable for you


Well conditions matter too because at first where are you playing  at your home ground or away so that can create difference because if you are playing at your home ground so you know that how the

  • Home ground advantages
  • Weather conditions
  • What is good like bowling first and chase the target or defined the target

And the bonus is at home you have an in build confidence

And if you play away then you have to study their conditions

Ground Data

You should know about the ground that what is the average score of the ground of last 10 matches and what is the average score while batting first and batting second

So you can prepare it and apply your plan and be ready to make your mindset at that track


Another thing is a pitch you know how to read the pitch

You should know which pitch it is

It is spin track or grass wicket or fast track, dry wicket, wet so it has moisture or not

So you can calculate where which speed and which bowl to bowl more

Our strength, conditions, ground data and pitch

By know all this you have now the mental advantage and you can take better so as a result, you can plan a set-up for the hard hitter and easily you can send him to dressing room because as you are bowler you have to find out which is the weak zone of batsman and what he is trying to do

It concludes

Remember that every batsman has his plus and minus and knowing the conditions, ground data, pitch and believe in your strength to take the advantage of all this and variations are there just need to use the mind wisely


  • Believe in your strength and apply it
  • Collect the information of ground data, condition and pitch
  • Keep calm your mind so you will able to take the better decisions

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