How To Improve Our Cricket Skills In Every Session???


Every cricket’s dream is to improve quickly?

Do they want to learn everything quickly so they can be on top?

Now the things have changed the entire world has changed you also grown up, right?

Yes, as the time passes we have learned several new things.

But we have missed the one thing which we were doing 1000 times in a day when we were small kids.

Any guesses what we use to do???

At any time we see something new or the thing that we don’t know about it we straight away ask questions

True, we don’t think anything just simply ask the question what it is, how to do it and keep asking on and on…

At that, we don’t think that what my friend will think if I will ask this question or what the other person will think of me

So today we will talk about inside the box

Simply Ask Questions!!!

We usually think to do something outside the box but the smart way is to look inside the box if your box has the capacity then why to go outside the box

Why am I talking about small kids?

Okay, tell me by default who’s mind is open to learn any things with full of excitement and full of energy?


Many people got it correctly, exactly children right

Go back to your old memories you will realize that how many times you were asking so many questions

Got the memories and but sometimes you got the answers of half of the questions then also you never-never stop from asking the questions so what has happened to you

Yes, the question is right what has happened to you now!

Let me tell you it the game of thoughts what the other person thinks of me!

And the best part of it is the other person is also thinking the same of which you were thinking so something is there that we have to change it now

“The best time to do our work was yesterday but the second best chance to change is now”

Which questions to ask?

Who is the smartest guy in the room?

Is the person who has all the answers that person is smart

Or the person who ask more questions that person is smart

Or the person who asks right kind of questions that person is smart

So the answer is the who ask the right kind of questions because

Everyone ask questions, right?


So what is the difference?

The difference is that person has more good questions than other people

Asking the right kind of question to the right person is a skill then and then you will get the answer which is correct

If you want to know deep knowledge about it then your questions should be smart like

Let’s see some of the examples

  1. Is cricket is your favorite sport?
  2. May I use your mobile phone?
  3. Is that your final answer?
  4. Can I help you with that?
  5. Are you feeling better today?

So these questions are called as short ended or close-ended questions it means this questions have a straight answer of yes or no

These questions are not called as smart questions because it does not start the conversion

And you will question more and more and sometimes its annoying for the other person

So which kind of questions can be asked?

  1. What was your high school experience like?
  2. How did you and your best friend meet?
  3. What are you planning to buy today at the supermarket?
  4. What sights do you expect to see on your vacation?
  5. What is your favorite memory from childhood?

These questions we can call as the smart questions because you have to ask a one-line question and see the magic

The conversion will start you will get to know the full details of it

Success delayed!!

You are just simply delaying your success by not asking the questions no one else is responsible for your success leave the rest of the world aside and remove the fear of what other person thought

So build a new habit of asking the right questions to the right person in a good manner just openly ask the question you will start knowing the things better the vision of thinking will change and a new person you will find in you

A successful person always ask questions in a proper way he focuses on what it can make him better

As it is said “Half knowledge is dangerous”

Let’s conclude the topic

Every day ask a question to your coaches or to the person who has the knowledge of it even a single question is more than enough one question and apply the solution and check the difference in you

 Time for framework!

  1. Don’t think much be the child once again
  2. Ask right kind of question to the right person
  3. Simply ask questions

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