How to Manage Your Wicket Keeping and Batting Practice?


How to manage your wicket keeping and batting practice?

Managing things is somewhat difficult for us, right?

But if our friend is in trouble like this then we run and come and give advice to the friend and solve his problem in few minutes but when it comes to us when we feel like the whole world reveres, right?


But today we will solve our own problem?

First I tell you guys that what is my style of starting a work is

The first thing is that my why? Should be clear

When our why is cleared than only I carry on my work for longer time and in return it comes in profit for me

So first clear your why?

So you will able to carry it for longer and make a win for you

Because you need to understand that now cricket is changing and it has changed so now the player which needed should be multi-talented

So now it is too difficult to select and be in the team by only one talent it is tough to be in it so have to balance it well so you can be active in wicket keeping and you should able to fire with the bat as well

If you ask me jay It is possible for me to manage it well yes but the how to think that decide that decides your way

So lets begin

How to manage?

Lest go step by step so we can find out the root cause of it

Step 1

Do you have to do fym?

So what is Fym?

Fym means find your mistakes and once you got the fym result then you will get the clear point that where you are lacking in batting and in wicket keeping

Fym is important must do for every player

Step 2

You can see your scoreboard right?


Now you have to divide the time and the main thing is that your time will not be wasted as you know where to focus on

So a basic structure

First do your warm-up and exercise and then start the work of basic you follow of batting then start working on the fym result of batting that your weak zone for 20 to 25minutes then 5 minutes of relax take a small walk cool your mind and remove the batting pads take some water and short walk then be ready with your wicket keeping start with the normal routine of wicket keeping you daily follow may be some sideways drills or it can be something else then work on your weak zone or which you want to improve and do it for 20 to 25 minutes then relax yourself and at last do your cool down

Step 3 

Be constituent and stick to it for better result

Why we fail?

Because we didn’t follow it on regular basic and we say this trick or tips does not work all is for only saying purpose, right?

But this won’t happen in your case because the why? Is clear

And remember that in cricket you need consistence

It Concludes

And if you tell me jay all this is okay but we don’t have time to do these

Then let me tell you buddy that you are going in wrong tack because those who want to really improve and create history than for them “those who want to complete their task for them day is short and for those who want to complete their dreams for them the nights are shorts”

Time for frame work

  • Do Fym
  • Use your time wisely

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