How To Tackle With Small Injuries During Our Cricket Tours And Tournaments


As you all summer season is going on so it is called as the season of cricket right?

It the favorite season for the cricketers because in summer we play many matches so it is an enjoyment for the cricketers.

So we play many matches right? 

100% we play.

Well cricket has changed now and it is called as “Morden day cricket”

Here all the cricketers hate two things now one is bad form and the second one is injuries!

And I am quite sure that it is true

The term called as bad form, if you are suffering through bad form yes that’s right suffering from bad form, because now cricketer are struck there or stays longer in bad form infect they don’t that how to come out of it but now the things have changed so they also need to change their concept of learning the new tips and tricks.

Now the second thing injuries today we will talk about the small injuries like a small cut or like a pain in our fingers but….but….but…

Do you have noticed that when we face small injuries like a small cut in a finger or small skin that which usually comes out near our nails these injuries looks too small but we are in pain right?

But whom to tell these thing people will say ohhhhh, it’s too small your are a small kid or what so we don’t have any option so we bare that pain.

Let’s see the difference between the bad form and injuries.

“Bad form affects the confidence.


Injuries affect our time”

Coming to today’s topic so injuries right well injuries are the worst part of cricketers joinery because in this case player wants to do it he has the willpower, talent, skills but his body is not supporting

So he has to his time is wasted because he/she has to take rest and that is 100% true because the first thing that comes is our HEALTH

It’s simple without good health what you can do just think of it?

Our first priority should be health

Hey friends!

Do you have seen the players wear the first aid tape during fielding?

What kind of tape is it?

Which tape is valid to wear?

Well if you watch more cricket matches than probably you have seen it in one day or in test matches.

The name of the tape is “dynaplast

First of all what kind of tape, it is like one side it is normal and back side it has gum so that it can be stick to your skin so you get good comfort plus it is flexible so that you can cut it in any shape and use it as per our requirement and reduces  your pain too not fully but good to apply it.

And yes dynaplast is valid you can use it while fielding.

But there is a condition of using it

See if you are a bowler and you are using the tape in fielding that’s okay but when your bowling comes that you have to remove that tape.


Well, it is in the rule that while bowing when you grip the ball if some part of the tape is touching the ball in that case you have to remove it infect umpires will tell you to remove it.

So one more questions can be in your mind and that is okay I am fine with it I will use that tape in fielding and when the time of bowling comes I will remove it and after my over gets completed I will reuse it.

In this case, you can do that yes you can

Now it comes to pricing of the tape it is between rupees 150 to 500 INR and you can get this is medical store

By using the tape we can get good comfort and relief from pain so you don’t need to bear the pain or sit outside and waiting for recovery.

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