How to improve batting footwork???


Are you a batsman then you should know footwork is how much important so how to improve batting footwork?

Yes and yes footwork is important for any and every batsman

If your footwork is slow then you have problems with the fast bowlers and spinners too

What problems will come with fast bowlers?

Well the answer is within your question and that is speed of the ball

It will be difficult to face that much speed as if your footwork is not good then

Your chances of LBW and edges going in slips or to the wicket keeper and even stumps too

What problems will come with spinners?

The best way to tackle the spinners is to use footwork and the best way is not there then spinners will because heavy on you

So how to get rid of that and how to improve batting footwork

How to improve batting footwork

One of the best ways to improve batting footwork is skipping

Yes skipping!


Tell me that why skipping, not jumping without skipping?

skipping-batting footwork

  • Good question see if you are jumping well as shown in the above image you can see the wrist  that may be jam
  • The place of jumping will be keep changing
  • The speed of jumping may change
  • The height of jumping may change too

These problems may come when you are only jumping without skipping

What happen if we do skipping?

This is good choice

  • The wrist will not be jam and wrist work will be done
  • Proper speed will be maintained in jumping
  • Proper height of jumping will be maintained
  • And place of jumping will be on the same place

These are the benefits to use skipping for jumping

When should I have to do this skipping?

Well whenever you are going for batting practice in nets before that you have to do it

This will bring a good speed change in your batting footwork and

When you will go in batting at starting stage you may feel bit odd

But it will be a game changer for you in longer run

On which days and how many jumps I have to do?

As the level of fitness is increasing and to maintain fitness you should do it every day and if we say about the number then it

Would be 100 jumps using skipping for sure


My views that how to improve batting footwork then start doing skipping

And skipping is bang you should give a try and it is a game changer for you

As if we have tools then we do it for long time and without any tool like skipping rope

Then we don’t do it perfectly for longer run, right?

In my case that thing happens in your case it won’t that problem comes if it is coming

Then simply use the skipping rope and see the change

Do share your views on skipping idea in the comment section down below

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