How to improve shot selections in cricket???


Shot selections in cricket is now important as orthodox shorts are taking the hype

What do you think shot selections is important for batsman?

100% yes for sure

In modern cricket the batsman are playing orthodox shorts so comfortably that for bowlers it is difficult that where to set the field

But for the batsman and audience it is enjoyable scene, right?


If you are a combo batsman means you have both technical shots and orthodox shots

Then you have a great chance as per my view

But the most important thing in cricket and it’s for any and every batsman that his/her shot selection should be good

So today we discuss about the how to do good shot selections?

What is the importance of technical shots and orthodox shots?

 How to do shot selections?


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If you are not good at deciding shot than it is difficult for you to play long innings but don’t worry today we will solve this problem

If you follow these steps then your shot selection will increase up to 40% to 60% more

  1. The most important and key factor is mind control how much clam your mind is at that time

If you miss 2 to 3 balls then what is going on your mind that matter’s the most

So what you can do to control your mind?

Here it is you can use a tool and it can be anything like small band which you wear in your hand or it can be anything else

And after playing every shot you have to see the tool so by that

You will remember your purpose so you will be on your track and you will not play any bad shot

  1. Play as per merit means you don’t have to do something out of the box like orthodox shot

Just play as per merit and if you once decided that simply follow it and once you are set then you can change your gear

  1. In spinners play with the spin don’t play against the spin

If you play with the spin than your control over the ball will be much better

  1. Strike rotation this is the best and one of my favorite

If something is going in your mind like should I take chance or should I wait for some time than

Simply rotate the strike than you can take the better decision as you will get some extra time

As your partner is hitting than there is no pressure then simply rotate your strike

  1. The common for all is do more match practice as many matches you play the better idea you will get for the shot selection in your cricket

Shot selections of Technical shots

What technical shot do?

What is the impact of technical shot in our game?

Wow! Amazing questions what you say and as per today’s cricket I will agree too

Technical shots is the basic for any and every batsman

If you sound technical and play more technical shots more than you have upper hand in

  • You can play long innings
  • Helps you to stay in the pitch for long time in any bowling attack
  • And the debatable is that more control in playing technical shot then orthodox shots

Orthodox shots

You and I can say that the trending shots means the orthodox shots as we see this shots more

This shots need more practice then your regular shots and if you are natural in playing orthodox shot

Then you are the game changer of the match player any time you can have the ability to turn the match in your team favored

What is the profit of orthodox shots?

  • For bowler it is difficult to set field for you
  • When and where you will hit the shot no one knows so that area to score run will be live for you
  • Bowler will be confused where to bowl so you have the upper hand

Which short to select technical or orthodox?

This a totally a debatable question?

See this is only depend on you and only you

How you play? , what is your game plan? , what is your natural style? And how you practice in nets?

That all factors come into play for shot selection, right?

  1. How you play?

You play like hitter or believe in strike rotation

  1. What is your game plan?

To hit every ball or want runs in every ball or situations matter the most

  1. What is your natural style?

Technical batsman or orthodox batsman

  1. How you practice in nets?

This the key thing how is your practice


My views on how to do shot selection as we have discussed the key points

That how we can select better shot and score more they are the perfect point and

I strongly recommend that you should follow and see the changes and you can grow up to 40 to 60 % in short time

Because in today’s cricket you don’t have time to waste so give a strong try on this key points and try to follow all of this and see the miracle in you

Do share your secret tips for shot selection in the comment section down below and

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