The Great Game Cricket


Why I write this blog?

For me?  For cricket? For entertain? For knowledge?

No, it’s for all these its love for “The great game Cricket

And I am sure when you read this you also fall in love cricket

First I tell something about my experience, I born in small village in 1969, at that time in Indian village no one knows about cricket, in my childhood we play Gilli-danda, Kabbadi, Gedi-dada, and sometimes marbles. But not a cricket, when I was in fifth standard a new black and white TV comes in our village at Amul Dairy. We all small children collected there to see what it is? And after sometimes I seen a cricket test match in TV screen and I fall in love in this game, do you know why? Because I don’t know why, yes but really I fall in love.

Sometimes I thought what happen at that time, why I attracted by cricket, I think there was something in cricket which attracts all, and what were these? I think great values, great virtues, and its great rules.

The player’s white dress, all powers on the ground the umpire, the red stuff ball, and white bat, the green big ground, initially all these things attract me, and the rules of the game.

Why did I say all these things to you? You also think why this game attracts this much to you? If we think all then we understand the value of cricket.

I understand if this game is great then we love it. And if we love cricket then we want to do something for it, and its lovers, so we try these, my website where all cricket lovers archive something, they say something, express their thoughts.

Here I try to understand cricket, its positives virtues, its excitement, and all these

Here we also try to teach you all skill of cricket, try to give all knowledge about cricket; here we try to teach how you predict which team may win. And what you will do for better performance. If you have any problem, any query if you are playing, and if you have any problem with a particular skill we will try to develop this skill. Means here we will give you all kind of support, and we will do all things what you want.

It’s my humble commitment.

This website works only for cricket lovers. So use it maximum, we are always for you.

Here at starting I want to show some benefits from one of the most popular sports in the world

When cricket is played just for fun, it can be played everywhere and in every format, it played in parks, streets, backyards, on the beach, on empty fields, everywhere.

For playing cricket you only need some friends who love cricket, a bat, a ball, and wickets. Ok, enough start enjoys.

For playing cricket some basic skill and fitness needed as you need to be fit and strong, and have good hand-eye coordination and ball-handling, to stop balls, as well as bowling and throwing skills.

Now see what benefits are
  • Improves mood

We all know Physical activity triggers brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed. So by cricket, we can do this, by playing cricket we simultaneously engaging in the exercise and enjoying a social environment.

  • Health benefits
  • Physical fitness
  • Increased Stamina and Endurance

The constant running across the field helps to increase stamina.

  • Balance and coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Cardio

To play Cricket, there is so many exercise step done in which you do the great cardiovascular activity.

  • Improved muscles

Bowling, batting and catching the ball in which the large body muscles to work.

  • Improved concentration

In cricket you should always continuously engaged your mind and body, Being involved in these activities trains the brain to concentrate for longer periods, means you concentrate continuously, means your concentrate must be improved due to cricket, which is a great advantage for all who played cricket kids, adults, men, women all.

  • Hand-eye coordination power
  • Patience and stamina
  • Reduces stress and depression

When you playing cricket there is a lot of physical activity done, your mind isn’t thinking about daily stressors. And the Exercise done by playing cricket reduces the levels of stress hormones in your body, and simultaneously it stimulates the production of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that reduce levels of stress and depression in the body. As a result of high levels of endorphins produced after playing cricket, it may leave you in a more positive mood afterward. This relationship between the benefits of cricket and reduced depression is something highly researched currently in the industry.

Other benefits

As well as physical health benefits, by playing cricket other benefits and opportunities comes such as:

  • Cricket can help boost self-confidence

When you playing cricket your fitness, skills and stamina improve. As a result, it causes you to have an increased self-esteem and confidence. With this increased level of self-confidence and ability, you are more likely to perform better in all fields of life.

  • Teamwork skills

Cricket is a team sport; here all players work as one. They utilize strategies to defeat the opposite team. Children and adults playing cricket learn cooperation and other social skills, when they win they feel pride and accomplishment and also to foster friendships outside of the office. Victory is all the sweeter when shared.

  • Cooperation work skill

Communication skill, understand sign language and code word, face expression reading and learning how to cope with winning and losing

  • Focus and determination

These are most important skill, by playing cricket there is fix goal for you and you must try best to achieve these, so focus and determination skill automatically develop in you by playing cricket.

These all skills are especially important for children to develop at an early age. And sometimes Adults also to improve their coordination by these, so cricket offers the chance to refresh skills after the years.

It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends.


Raju Sir
Raju Sir is one of the founders of 81cricket

He is result-driven, personally and professionally teacher who touch all fields, like maths, physics, politics, philosophy and sports. Cricket and Badminton are his most likely sports; He is a successful coach in all these fields.

He is worked in many roles: leadership and executive coach, consultant, facilitator, trainer, product development and leader. He’s had the opportunity to work with thousands of individuals, teams and organizations across a wide variety of roles and industries. His passion and specialty are helping clients discover their development using a range of techniques, methodologies and wellness practices.


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