What Is Yo Yo Test And Its Process To Pass Yo Yo Test?


Yo Yo test! What’s the first thing comes to mind?

That yo which we play in our hand?

Ah no, so it is?

What is yo yo test and why it is taken?

Well it is a fitness test it is an endurance test which is taken in cricket to test the players’ fitness as the cricket is evolving the fitness test is also evolved

In earlier days there was a beep test it was just like a normal shuttle running and the straightness was not up to the mark but the concept is at that time a beep test was taken

Now it has changed and yo yo test has entered the party

It is the advanced version of the beep test and called as yo yo test here you have to do the same but with some changes that you will come to know when you will look at the arrangement but…but… but…

Why yo yo test is taken?

It’s simple yo yo test is taken to check the mental strength and endurance  

Endurance and mental strength how?

We have to run so we understand about the endurance and that is acceptable

But what about mental strength

In this test, you have to start running at the sound of beep or whistle so there your mental strength is checked

As we conclude yo yo test is a modified version of beep test and to check your endurance and a mental strength yo yo test is taken.

Arraignment and process of yo yo test

The arraignment of it is like

Three cones (we suppose A, B, C as three cones) are placed with the different distance

The distance between cone A and cone B is 5meter and cone B to cone C the distance is 20meter

Now from where you have to start?

Your starting point is from cone B

When the first whistle or beep sounds you have to start running but your starting speed should be 10km/hr and you have to cover the 20meter gap and you have to reach to cone C before the second whistle or beep sounds and you have a time of 7second

When you reach to cone C then you have to come back to cone B before the third whistle or beep sounds

And as now you have reached the cone B now you have the walk to cone A as it is your rest time but you have 10second to walk and come back to cone B

Then again you have to do the same process again


Now you have to increase the speed to run to 10.1 km/hr and repeat the same process  but as the speed is increased the time is decreased

Likewise the speed will go like 10.1, 10.2, 10.3…..11.0, 11.1 and when you reached to 11 now you have to run with same constant speed 3times so that your heartbeat speed will be maintained (10.1 to 11 you can count own you own that total how many sprints but you have to go to 16 so count accordingly)

Then it will go 11.2, 11.3……12…….13……14…..15…..and the time will decrease to 6seconds 5 seconds…..

But here the time of rest which is 10 seconds is not decreased so you will get the same time for recovery

At the last sprint, you will have 3second and have to cover 20 meter

So this the advance version of beep test with its arraignment and process too

How pass yo yo test?

To pass the yo yo test your speed should be 16.1km/hr to pass yo yo test in India

If you fail in your first attempt then you will get a warning and get one more chance to clear it but if you also fail in the second attempt than you are failed in the yo yo test

And the average speed of yo yo test is 14.3 km/hr but to clear it your speed should be 16.1 km/hr

Now many of you will think that it is too tough to crack it but when you look at the other countries passing speed is

Pakistan passing speed is 17.4 km/hr

West Indies passing speed is 19.0 km/hr

New Zealand passing speed is 20.1 km/hr

So now your question will be why so much gap, right?

Well in India we have just started the yo yo test and we have set the barrier that if you want to play for India

And In coming years the passing speed in India will be 16.3 or 17 km/hr

It concludes!

As today we think that it is tough to clear yo yo test but if you ask me jay what you think about this concept?

My answer will be still more to come as the future of cricket will not stop here and the level of cricket will increase for sure and the different entry barrier will be there with different styles

Time for frame work

  1. Time to work on fitness
  2. Increase your stamina
  3. Work on your concentration as it will help you to take better decisions
  4. Everything can be chased but how you make the way of it is important

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