Why Cricketers are Playing Football and Should We Play???


A golden question and a lesson to be learned right now!

Football and cricket are two different sports with different rules right?

But now a day’s what we see is cricketers are playing football for warm before there match

We all know that warm-up is important and we do it too but things are changing so we have added the football for warm up and we have started for some time but later on, it will be set in a routine

How we play football?

Well we start playing friendly but as the game goes on our emotions changes and start playing little harsh and then what happens that all know we end up injuring ourselves

But every person is different right?

So his fitness is different and he/she has to look is body that it has that potential or just I am saying that yeah it I can play cricketer’s body is meant for cricket, not football because our body has set like that plus we have trained them for cricket and football is a good sport we enjoy so much while playing football overall football is a great spot

One intrusting thing to notice here is that do you ever seen that football players are doing warm-up by playing cricket sounds like fun right?


But the thing is that football players are focusing their main goal they know where to focus on this or that and cricket players also knows where to focus on but they play for warm-up for fun and a change

Why can football be risky for cricketers?

For the cricketer, football can be risky how?

Let suppose a situation that after one month your big tournament is coming okay

For that, you practice hard every day and you trained your mind to face the situations and set a mental plan that how and what I will do

Now on the match day, you are totally ready fire it

On the match day you enter into a warm-up there you start with football and one ankle is twisted

So now what you will do?

If you don’t tell anyone and played the match then you will not able to play up to the mark right?


Secondly, you will not able to play the match everything was set the stage was set, your peroration was done and now there is no option for you have to take rest

Just one ankle twist and everything went your hard work, your chance to play and score

And the ankle twist can go to more dangerous as surgery can also be in drought

Well by this so many players has suffered from this problem it is the fact

When to play football if you love both sports

If you are a cricketer and you love to play football also so play when your tours and tournaments get over because

I strongly believe that I am a cricketer I got a chance to play and prove myself I will not let this chance go away from me I can’t take  my chances   

Question 1

 Well now some of them will not agree to it because if I play safe then it will not happen?

Okay I accept it, but just think that 10% chances are there that you can get hurt okay leave that 10% just 1% chances are there that can be the turning point of your day

Question 2

If I play cricket there are also 1% chances are there that I can get hurt so now what?

True, you are right completely but if you got hurt while playing cricket that can be worth it because you are a cricket player but if you are a cricket player and you got hurt by playing football that does not worth it because your aim is to play the best

Any way that it your thought completely but just analysis this thing with the cool and positive mindset then take a decision

Finally, let’s conclude

If you are a cricketer then your body is trained to play cricket and you can play football but my advice is that play after your tours and tournaments gets over because don’t give chances to create any problem in your performance this is a lesson to remember that don’t do such things at important period of time is going on for you

Time for framework

  • Be clear with your main aim
  • Then start your work towards your main aim

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