Why Cricketers Should Play With Tennis Ball Cricket


We often ask this question that cricketer should play with a tennis ball or not……

If you play with a tennis ball than I am destroying my game, my game can’t be improved and lots and lots of this thing we hear from everybody……


Probably a lot.

Well, the main thing is that it is a totally a misconception about this thing, so today we will find out what it is all about and more about how tennis ball cricket can be helpful to improve our game.

Tennis ball cricket and season ball cricket both are the different type of format that we all know about it so let’s go some years back when we started playing cricket in our childhood we had played with both season ball as well as tennis ball and we enjoy both since there we are hearing that you should not play with tennis ball and we accept it without asking a single question.

True, okay coming back to present day

I strongly recommend that you can play with a tennis ball but here the terms and conditions apply so what are they, no wait telling you a little bit later

On which players tennis ball can be helpful?

Mainly in three players (batsman, fielder and wicketkeeper) tennis ball contribute to improving our skills.

So before you enter to all three departments now, you should know what are the terms and conditions.

  • Don’t play excess with tennis ball make the ratio that more you play with season ball compared to a tennis ball(season ball 65%: tennis ball 35%)
  • Avoid doing bowling with a tennis ball because it will not improve your bowling.
  • More focus on season ball than a tennis ball
  • A tennis ball is also good format if you see in a positive way every format teach something new! here you can test new things
  • season ball cricket and tennis ball cricket don’t take any format lightly as for A PLAYER EVERY FORMAT AND EVERY MATCH IS IMPORTANT
  • play every match seriously even if you are playing for your country or in society because that will decide how serious you are for your game and where you want to reach.

How is tennis ball helpful for a batsman?

As you are seeing how the cricket has changed in a couple of years so many new shorts we use to see and we say wow what a short and we also want to play shorts like that.


Well its natural any batsman would like to have 2 or 3 scoring shorts for every ball and everybody don’t have it that’s the fact and everybody wants too… but they don’t know how it can be possible.

So here the tennis cricket comes into action there are many problems facing a batsman that can be solved by tennis cricket.

But still how?

For this let we see some examples. (we’ll not go into detail for that some other time)

Tennis ball cricket helps to improve your skills because many drills are there which you can practice.

So let’s begin!

  1. If any batsman wants to play swipe short but he is facing a problem let assume he/she finds the fear of ball for swipe we know he/she is full pad-up then it will not get hurt but… but… but…

One thing is that he/she does not have confidence and that anybody will not tell to anyone so then what can be done?

He/she can practice with a tennis ball and here the big change you will see is that now he/she will be fully confident to face it and play because it is well known that it will not get hurt.

Once the concept is clear and now he/she has done the practical part also and then later on it can be shifted to season ball cricket.

Once again you are back on track!

2. Now the bouncers which you have to face it the bowlers will definitely show their aggregation for this purpose also you can use a tennis ball.

The team fear is really dangerous

Other reasons are there but will take this into consideration because when anybody stats playing with season ball he/she mainly faces this problem.

They ask this question but they don’t get any solution for this but now the things have changed.

I am sure that you were also facing this problem “fear” at your initial days!!

Probably the answer will be yes!

Coming to present a talk,

You have to face Bouncers because in other countries you see how bounce pitches are there so why don’t we start to practice now.

You can use the tennis ball as well as a wet tennis ball, yes wet tennis ball because the wet tennis shoots and the bounce and speed is great for practice and you’ll be free from the fear.

How is tennis ball helpful for fielders?

Many players do fumble while catching the new ball…

When the match is going to start at that time the “butterfly’s are there in stomach”

Its happened so much and in this case how the tennis ball cricket is helpful?

Any gasses????

okay then!

Probably a high catch and a catch from quick short (played by a batsman) high catch is difficult when it goes in airball swings 1 or 2 times than it creates a problem for the fielder.

So here you can use tennis ball because when you catch with tennis ball also swings 2 or 3 times in air so it gives good practice for every fielder plus it also increases the concentration power so you don’t miss any catch.

Try it because all say that “catches win matches”

How can tennis ball be helpful for wicketkeeper?

Wicket keeping seems easy but it is not simply that it looks like…

Wicketkeepers are now in the active mode they also want to upgrade there level but we will see about a simple problem of wicketkeepers lets discuss a small situations

Let’s assume that batsman played a short and called for two runs and you are the fielder you throw the ball to the wicket kipper and the throw was full length or Yorker length k throw and wicketkeeper miss the collection and the keeper will tell give me direct or one bounce.


Lots of time you might have heard it

But wicket keepers you need to understand these things you have to collect and hit the stump because there so many wicket-keeper are there so my question to you is…

how you define yourself extraordinary in comparing to another wicket –keepers?

If you are facing this problem then you can use tennis ball because if anyone throws tennis ball like that then you will try to see the ball till you collect it but earlier what you were doing that you were taking your eyes off.

Now you can see your update and that is:

  • You will watch the ball till the end
  • You will feel confident
  • now not only your age but skills are also updated

And many such drills are there but the proper guidance is a must.


There are lots of drills in which tennis ball is used so now the concept is clear.

  • Follow the 3 D’s – determination, dedication, discipline.
  • Tennis cricket is good to play but play according to your limitations
  • Try new things(tennis cricket) because every player is different with its unique style and which tips-techniques-tricks will work for you that you have to find it out for your better performance.
  • The main thing is that how quickly depart the condition and situations and how you make a win-win-win 

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