Why Technical Shorts Are Important For Batsman?


Evergreen question for a player and that is why technical shorts are important for a batsman, right?


Now this questions is at the peak as now the orthodox shorts are in trending and we also want to play and learn these shorts

As this short format such as t20s and IPL and others leagues has created the fame for these shorts

There is much difference between technical shorts and orthodox shorts to be perfect batsman you should have the combination of both the shorts so that you can score runs in any situations and you can face any field restriction plus easy to find the gap

Now a day’s we see more orthodox shorts and we love to see and play them so why it all people focus more on technical shorts?

See we know that every batsman is different with different unique style right?


Orthodox shorts are full of risk and that is acceptable but if you work it on then you can make it perfect if you invest your time in it

When we start our cricketing carrier science there we start with technical short why not with orthodox shorts?

Why our coaches focus it on technical shorts?

So orthodox shorts are not important?

And lots and lots of questions

Well, should have the combination of both shorts because we should be ready for the future of cricket as the cricket is changing and bowlers will also develop their skills so now you can decide what to do?

Why technical shorts?

The main core thing is that technical shorts help you to stand on the pitch

See a good technique help you to face any situations that are the main core reason

To score runs what is the main thing comes to your mind?

It is to spend more time on the pitch as much long you will stand more your runs scored

To stand what should you have?

Simple technique!

So you got the connection, right?

There are the different type of technical shorts are there and to be master of them takes years of practice

Why master technical shorts?  

We understood that technical shorts are important but now

A new question is why to master all technical shorts?

Are you cricketer, right?

Then you know that you have to play in different conditions with different field set-up and different pitch

Different conditions

In your cricket carrier, you will be facing or even you may be faced with the different condition every time situation will not be the same for you

The condition of the match will change

The condition of weather will change how set-up yourself in different condition because how to play in humid temperature how to keep the stamina and focused on the track

Different field set-up

As you will play matches and with a different-different opponent so you will be getting different field set and that you have to tackle it in order to score runs

You have seen and picked the gap and if you want to find the perfect gap between what you will need is?

Different pitch

Different grounds and a new pitch to bat on so you need to check which pitch it is and have play shorts accordingly

Because how the ball is coming it is a bit slow after one bounce or the ball is coming perfectly so you can adjust the timing of the shots

So why to master all technical shorts?

It concludes that you have to face this three problems of a condition, field set-up, and pitch and to be stand on what can be helpful is that your technique means your technical shorts

Orthodox short is important or not?

If you ask me hey jay orthodox shorts are important or not?

The first thing you should know yourself that what is my batting style is and then decide it will be beneficial to me or not it is adjustable and suitable to your style or not

If that is comfortable then you should otherwise no need for orthodox shots.

It concludes!

A batsman who is the master of technical shorts can be more successful in all conditions but the combination of technical shorts and orthodox shorts is a more dangerous batsman.

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