Why Test Format Is Called As Real Test Of A Player???


If you ask me, jay which is your favorite format than straight away my answer will be tested format!


Because I love batting so think how good is that I can bat full day from the morning till the evening and I enjoy my batting.

From when the cricket started till now test format is called as the real test of a player  


A lot of reason is there.

So today we will find out why it is called as a real test and what are the benefits of playing a five-day match

“Test match is like a roller coaster ride because so many twists and turns we see in five days”

Which are the challenges?

  1. Common challenge
  2. Challenge for batsman
  3. Challenge for bowler

So let’s start are you ready?

A common challenge that bowler and batsman face?

The common challenges are:-

  1. To perform constant (good) in all five days

Well now it is not new that you have to play constant but it not easy that to play continue five days with now it makes the difference

  1. To maintain the fitness all five days

After doing fielding for two days that pain to be avoided and get refresh quickly and to bat on the day three it is tough so fitness is been focused and everybody talks about it.

So this a common problem that both bowlers and batsman face.

Which Challenge batsman faces?

Batsman has to face many challenges that we will discuss it one by one

  1. temperament test

when you go out to bat your temperament is tested because the 3 or 4 slips and a field like totally bowlers offering you to play shorts.

but with the new bowl, it is difficult to face it there is a chance to get out in slips as initial stage the footwork is not up to the mark.

And to face the first hour in the morning at that time bowlers try’s to dominate the batsman and try to not to set the batsman.

In the first hour, you have to watch the ball properly and have to leave the ball which is going outside the off stump.

There the batsman mostly get out they try to play cover drive and give catch in slips.

So bowler always tries to check the temperament of the batsman that how many bowls he can leave if he try’s than chance are created.

     2. Suffering from the track

If the pitch is a bowling track green wicket than it is more difficult as to face fast bowlers with the new ball.

And then they will try to dominate fast as a pitch is favorable for them.

So be ready to face the quick swing and the bouncers.

Then you can’t even give half chance to the bowler he will 100% convert it to a wicket.

You will have to option here no1 either you suffer from this wicket or no2 give a fight.

3. Pressure

Here it not matter that you score big runs but how much pressure you can handle it that is tested.

When your team is in trouble let assume that you are chasing a score means you are playing the fourth inning and your team gets fewer runs and early wickets are gone.

Then you have to play in double mind so what should I do?

I should go for the chase or I have to save my team.

Sometimes saving a test match is good but to spent near to one and a half day that the real challenge by

Spending one and half day on the pitch and controlling your mind where and only which short to play is a challenge

Which Challenge bowler faces?

  1. To be constant at a line

It means how many balls or over you are constant bowling in the right areas

How many times you have the ability to hit the ball in the same sport when a batsman hits we change our line that’s correct but in the test you have to takes a chance

  1. Variation

How many variations a bowler have that makes a bowler more dangerous

But when to do variation is a skill

To set-up, a batsman for particular short and then hit a surprise ball but need to wait till the batsman is set-up

  1. Bowling intent

It means how you start your first over of the day

How much you use the ball properly and the body need one or two over to open up your body and it takes that much time to heat up your body till then how is your bowling intent

The beauty of the test match

It has Alive cricket

In terms of the real beauty

And the real beauty is the watching and play the textbook short

By playing or watching it gives us a happy wow!! 

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