Why To Do Warm-Up Before Matches?


Are you doing a warm-up before the match?

If you ask me jay you do a warm-up before the match then my answer is positive yes I do

Now a day’s mostly everyone does warm-up as the awareness of it is too high but everyone does but…

We need to know that by doing warm-up what can be positive for us and if we don’t warm-up then which problems can face it

And as we are a cricketer’s or sports person we should know about it

So let’s solve some of this question listed below:-

1.why should we do warm-up?

2 .what are the positive & negative in doing warm-up?

So let’s begin

Why should we do warm-up?

The warm-up is now the signature that you are starting your day

The question of why should be clear in our mind that we I am doing this

  1. Is it good for me?
  2. If I do then what changes can I see in me?

If it is clear that why to do then you can do it for a longer time and then only you will get the result and you can compare the difference

The first question is it good for me that you have to answer yourself?

I think warm-up is good in all the ways

It’s warm our body

And we will be ready to do our main workouts

it increases blood flow to the muscles

and if we make the full details of it than a half day will also be short

What are the positive & negative in doing warm-up?

Now you are why? Will 100% cleared

  1. If you are a batsman and if you skip the warm-up then many times it happens that your footwork is not working or it is slow at initial stage so that’s the key factor of not doing the warm-up Then bowler will also know that your footwork is not working and he can take your wicket after all the bowlers are also smart.

Second thing comes is your running between the wickets can be slow because your body will be stiff

  1. As fielding is also a major part of the match if you save some runs let suppose 15-20 runs then it is called as you have scored 15-20 runs without playing a single ball
  2. In fielding, you have to throw the ball from the different-different filed position and there is the number of chance are there that while throwing the ball your arm can be stretched if you didn’t have done warm-up and even it is common that arm is stretched
  3. In bowling, if you have skipped the warm-up then you will take more time to set as compared to your usual time because your body muscles are locked

By doing warm-up your body muscles are unlocked so this problem list that we have just discussed will not happen the chances are less.

If you still in double mind and thinking that it is not a reason that can convince me

But the main reason is that you can face the injuries and if you got injured not only you probably anyone would not like to be injured and sit in the bench

If once you got injured it will bring many problems for you like

  1. You form can be damaged
  2. Totally waste of time
  3. You have to face the negative thought

As we have discussed the problems like

In bowling, you can take more time to set and that two or three over your moral can be down and bonus for the batting team that means you have to face the cramps

So it let’s see overall

Improvement is equal to performance and if you got injured then it will affect your overall game and one key point that if you have done the warm-up than also you may face the injuries or cramps but the chance is low.

As it is said precaution is better than cure

Time for framework

  1. Do regular warm-up
  2. Do regular warm-up
  3. And do regular warm-up

Share your reason for doing warm-up in the comment section down below

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